Rare Genetic Disease Healed - Fire and Glory Outpouring - Jerame Nelson

Revival outpouring hit San Diego late January during a Decree conference. Meetings have been going nightly ever since. Here is another amazing testimony of God's outpouring.

Outpouring is happening at Citadel San Diego church every night at 7:30pm. You can see it livestream at www.livingathisfeet.org 

2117 Industrial Court

Vista, CA 92081

Skin Disease That Doctors Couldn't Do Anything About BUT Jesus Could

The doctors gave up on me saying that they couldn't do anything else to help my situation so my mother took me to church and they prayed for me and God healed me. "God goes beyond the Medicine."
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."~Matthew 19:26

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Blind See, Crippled Walk, and more - Evangelist Daniel Kolenda


Bouaké, Ivory Coast –  No description would be adequate to convey the extent of what just happened. First of all, the field was packed with more than 210,000 people! That’s a third of the population of the whole city. When I asked how many were attending for the first time, it was the majority of the crowd. That means that literally most of the city heard the Gospel this week (with combined attendance)! Pastors told us that their churches were packed to overflowing this morning – so much so, they thought they would have to turn people away.

The entire crusade has been amazing, but tonight went above and beyond. After I preached the Gospel and prayed for the sick, there was a moment of silence. Usually there is more excitement than that. I wondered for a second if anyone had been healed. Then, all of a sudden, it was as if something shifted. People started shouting, screaming and dancing. People were falling under the power of the Holy Spirit. Demons were manifesting. It was total chaos. Crutches were going up in the air. I heard them shouting from my right, my left, in front and behind – everywhere I looked something amazing was happening. It was 360 degrees of miracles!

I interviewed two TOTALLY BLIND women who were healed (one of them muslim).

Several cripples can now walk, including a man who was totally paralyzed on his left side – completely unable to move his left arm or leg. Tonight, he was literally marching on the platform.

There was a baby who had been suffering with a terrible lung infection since November of 2014, but we heard that last night she was healed. Today, they took her to the hospital for a confirmation, and the doctors didn’t even believe she’d ever had anything wrong with her.

A woman with kidney failure who had been on dialysis for three years was also healed last night, and she told us that she went to the doctor today and they confirmed that she is perfectly well!

This is just a small sampling of the many amazing things Jesus has done here.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Breast Cancer Healed - Size of Lemon Shrinks to Nothing- Doctor Verified - Red Seal Ministries

Published on Aug 12, 2015 on youtube

Here's a quick testimony of God completely healing our friend Beatriz Gonzalez's breast cancer the size of a lemon! Cancer must bow to the name of Jesus!

Link to RED SEAL MINISTRIES http://redsealministries.com/