Girl Raised From the DEAD and Hindu Family Gives Lives to Jesus -Tyler G. Johnson

8 years ago this girl died. Her body was taken by her Hindu mother to a hospital in desperate hope that they could restore her. They could not. While the mother was walking out of the hospital, a stranger asked her if she could pray for her dead baby girl. The stranger prayed over the baby and she was raised to life. As a result, the entire family gave their lives to Jesus, and are now serving as leaders at a large church on the outskirts of Mumbai that I spoke at.

Some people like to meet famous people like celebrities or presidents. I like to meet walking miracles like this little girl.  - Tyler G. Johnson

Doctors Admit 'Miracle' as Dead Woman Rises

Doctors Admit 'Miracle' as Dead Woman Rises

11/17/2014 article written by Mark Andrews

It took one miracle to revive Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro after 45 minutes without a pulse or heartbeat.

But the 40-year-old mother from Deerfield Beach, Florida, was the grateful recipient of a second miracle when she went home from the hospital with no ill effects from the experience—most notably not even any reduced brain function from 45 minutes without blood circulating there.

She had gone to Boca Raton Regional Hospital in September for what was supposed to be a routine C-section to deliver her second child. On Sept. 23, right after the procedure performed by obstetrician Dr. Michael Fleischer, her heart suddenly stopped beating.

It was caused, doctors said later, by an amniotic fluid embolism. The rare, serious condition occurs when fluid that surrounds a baby in the uterus enters a mother's bloodstream and heart, clogging it. Sudden and unpredictable, it creates a vacuum and stops circulation, according to a report by WPTV television in West Palm Beach.

The medical team intubated her and kept pumping Graupera-Cassimiro's chest for 45 minutes, taking turns to avoid exhaustion. They repeatedly tried shocking her. Nothing worked.

Just hours after Graupera-Cassimiro delivered a healthy baby girl, her distraught husband and other relatives prepared to say good-bye to her as doctors told them there was nothing they could do. The medical team stopped all lifesaving procedures. They watched a heart monitor, preparing to record a time of death.

"There's very few things in medicine that I've seen, working in the trauma center myself and doing all the things that I do, that really were either unexplainable or miraculous," Dr. Anthony Dardano, president of the hospital's medical staff, told the Sun-Sentinel newspaper of Fort Lauderdale. "And when I heard this story, that was the first thing that came to my mind."

The family left the room with nurse Julie Ewing after saying their goodbyes. They held hands and prayed, Ewing on her knees.


Then another nurse, Claire Hansen, came out of the operating room. "Keep praying," she said, "because her heart just started."

Screams filled the room as Graupera-Cassimiro's family took in the news. They jumped up and down and cried. Her sister ran into the operating room.

"It was a complete miracle of God. It was answered prayer," Ewing said last week. "We all were there. We all witnessed it."

Within days, she was back at home.

Graupera-Cassimiro returned to the hospital last week for a tearful reunion with the medical team that fought to save her. She hugged the doctors and nurses—who cooed over her daughter, dressed head to toe in pink—and she thanked them.

In the next few hours, Graupera-Cassimiro said, she remembered something she thought had been a dream: what she described as an encounter with the spirit of her late father, who told her it wasn't her time, South Florida news media reported. It dawned on her that it may not have been a dream.

When Dr. Shawn Iverson, a resident from Florida Atlantic University, checked in on her later in the morning, she gestured upward and nodded. And when Fleischer came to take off the breathing tube, Graupera-Cassimiro told him: "You don't have to be afraid of dying."

Doctor Confirmed Fetus Pronounced Dead is Raised Back to Life - Patricia Goh

Patricia Goh (TGN shared from facebook)

Finally I met David Hogan in person!

4 years ago upon watching him on video in Mozambique teaching on ' raising the dead', (Randy Clark program), I prayed for a colleague's daughter in law whose fetus had died in her womb. (Her gynecologist had confirmed there was no heartbeat & they have been given trauma counseling).
I prayed that the Holy Spirit will raise the dead baby & it will be born not just alive but healthy.
(I had said ' Holy Spirit, if you can touch baby John ,... the baptist in Elizebeth's womb, you can do the same for this baby') I prayed that when they did the required 2nd scan b4 aborting the dead fetus, the heartbeat of the baby will be heard loud & clear.
That was exactly what happened at St John of God hospital! PRAISE JESUS!
(Since then the baby was born healthy).


Former Muslim raised from the dead shocked her neighbors and won many to Christ

Former Muslim raised from the dead shocked her neighbors, won many to Christ

February 9, 2012

Her experience in heaven

Woman raised from the dead

By Mark Ellis

Her Muslim neighbors and relatives grieved the loss of this relatively young mother of nine children. But after mourning her death for 12 hours, God brought a miracle that touched many lives.

“This is one of the most unusual and dramatic testimonies we’ve ever recorded in our AIMS ministry,” says Dr. Howard Foltz, president and founder of AIMS. “It all started when a man named Warsa got saved and then God spoke to him that he would be used by God to see the dead raised.”

Trained as a missionary by AIMS, Warsa was already reaching many Muslims with the good news about Jesus Christ. Then one of women in his village became ill.

“For two months I was very seriously sick,” says Fatuma Shubisa.  Fatuma grew up in a Muslim home, but she and her husband converted to Christianity.

One day Fatuma’s mother came to visit her ailing daughter was shocked to find her lying motionless and unresponsive. She searched in vain for a pulse or heartbeat, but Fatuma’s body was already cold.

She closed Fatuma’s eyes and straightened her leg. Unable to control her grief, she began to wail, and her sheiks aroused many of her Muslim neighbors who gathered in and around the home. They too began to grieve.

At the moment Fatuma died, her soul left her body and she was drawn up to heaven. The first person she met was her brother-in-law, who died two years earlier.

“That brother of my husband took my hand and led me away,” she recalls. As her former home on earth receded like “an open ditch,” heaven opened to her.

“I went to a place where everyone was dressed in gold,” Fatuma says. “I looked at the earth as very dirty.” In heaven, she felt “free and clean.”

Fatuma also met her mother-in-law in heaven. “She was begging them to send me back so I could raise my children,” she recalls.

Meanwhile, a missionary named Warsa Buta was walking nearby and saw the crowd gathered around Fatuma’s home. When he learned of her passing, he went inside and began to pray.

Some wondered why he prayed, since she had already been dead 12 hours. When he heard the murmuring, he persisted in prayer, because he remembered the promise God gave him as a young believer, that he would be used in such a time as this. Could this be the day?

“I had faith the Lord would work through me,” Warsa says. “I prayed as Peter prayed, ‘Fatuma, be raised…I ask you in the name of the Lord, come to life…

“Fatuma, be raised in the name of Jesus!”

Suddenly, Fatuma sat up in the bed, as everyone gasped in astonishment.

“I found myself in my body,” Fatuma recalls. “I said, ‘What is this? What’s happening? What is going on?’

Most of those around her were speechless. “Can he call back a dead person – a dead soul to a body?” someone asked.

“If this is real, we will all become Christians,” one man said. “Your God is a very powerful God!” another shouted.

Many believed in the Lord Jesus that day and there was great rejoicing in Fatuma’s village. She is convinced she knows the reason for her return.

“I came back because it was the will of God for me to live with my children, but I would be very happy to go back there,” she notes. “Now I have seen when a Christian dies he goes to a better place and his body goes back to dust. For a nonbeliever, that (hell) is a place of sadness. But when a Christian dies he goes to a place where everything is good, where everyone is happy.”

Dr. Howard Foltz  believes God will use powerful testimonies like Fatuma’s to provide breakthroughs among unreached people groups. “Our goal is to see all the remaining 35 unreached people groups of Ethiopia reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he says.  Dr. Foltz notes that Fatuma’s miracle was also reported on by The 700 Club.

St. Patrick Raised Prince Humestia's Grandfather from a Tomb

There was a prince in Humestia who was baptized.  Later he expressed unbelief about the doctrine of the Resurrection.  After St. Patrick quoted various texts from the Scriptures, the prince said that if Patrick would raise his grandfather, by then buried many days, he would believe in that Resurrection which Patrick preached.

Patrick signed the tomb of the grandfather with his staff, had it opened, and prayed.  A man of very great height, but not as big as a "giant" who had recently been raised from a huge tomb by Patrick, came forth from the tomb.  He described the torments that went on in Hell, and was baptized.  He received the Eucharist, and retired again to his former sepulcher and "slept in the Lord."  After witnessing this miracle none doubted the truth of the Resurrection.