Kingdom of God in Singapore - Set Free From Demons and Many Healed - The Last Reformation

Published on Sept 17, 2014 on YouTube (TGN shared from youtube channel- The Last Reformation)

We saw deliverance, healing, new believers & old Church goers baptized in water and the Holy Spirit. This is something that can happen anywhere, in living rooms, on the streets even in malls. Watch this incredible video from Singapore, where you will see all this and that water baptism is much more than just a symbol. The Last Reformation has come to Singapore


Mennonite Suffered With Eye Issues Her Entire Life- Then Jesus Healed Her - Don Allen

Don Allen sent this testimony to The Greater News

His website is:

In our meetings, we draw in every walk of life and denominational background. Recently we have seen a huge population of mennonite leave the horse and buggy church. They have come and have been filled with the Holy Ghost!

A week ago I felt impressed of The Lord to call forward 3 young Mennonite girls to come pray for healing. A young girl had suffered with eye issues her whole life, many surgeries, treatments, glasses and nothing better but getting worse.

These young girls gathered around her and began to say, " Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."

Her mother contacted me to inform me that for the very first time in her whole life, her daughters eyes are healed!

It is the time of great moves of God on the earth. Watch for him to use those who are willing to be used!

Deaf Ear Pops Open and Woman Hears for the First Time in Many Years - Jesus Power Today

TGN shared from this website:

* After I prayed a blessing on a visiting Pastor, my hands felt like they were inflated by sand. I knew the next person I prayed for would be healed (gift of faith). I prayed for a woman with a deaf ear and it opened and she could hear for the first time in many years. We tested her hearing from several distances and she cried with joy.

Tumor On Eyelid Disappears, Cataracts Healed, and More - Paul Rapley

Paul Rapley (TGN shared from facebook)

Still in Mexico... today's testimonies include a tumor about the size of a large marble on a guy's eyelid disappearing (kinda fun to see that one go...), cataracts, and a woman who had a massive tumor (about half a softball) on the side of her neck being reduced to about a brazil nut. So not quite 100% yet, but now pain-free and doing much better (and started a relationship with Jesus). Another great day!

Miracles in America - see the lame healed, the deaf hear, demons cast out and disciples trained - Torben

Published on Jun 27, 2013
SEE THIS AMAZING VIDEO. Jesus is the same today as we read in the Bible. Here you see the lame healed, the deaf hear, demons cast out and disciples are trained and sent out in the power of the Holy Spirit.