God Healed Boy of Facial Warts After Confessing His Sin - Christian Assemblies International

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Hi from Australia,

My name is Philip. about a year ago I had lots of small warts on my face. Mum, Dad, and I kept praying for them to go away, but they did not and even more were coming up. One day when doing some schoolwork God reminded me of a bad word I had said when I was with some school friends. God kept reminding me that I had to confess this to my parents, but I was scared of being punished. I had no peace about this and one day I really had to tell my Mum. As I told her, God reminded me of other bad things I had done, like saying mean things to my sister, and eating chocolate out of the fridge without asking. The more I confessed the more bad things I had done came to my mind. I did this for three days. The amazing thing was that after the third day we realized that all the warts on my face had gone! My Mum showed me that what had happened is described in the Bible:

 “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me” (PSALM 66:18).

Now I know that God cannot help us when we hide things.

Love in Christ, Philip 

Guilty but Not in God's Eyes - Case Dismissed Following Prayer - The Greater Works

Guilty but Not in God's Eyes (Case Dismissed following Prayer) 

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Robert called. He was calling facing a considerable prison sentence and asked for prayer regarding the court appearance the next day. I asked how he wanted me to pray. He talked in generalities; 'that things will go well' etc. As I considered just praying a generic, kind of 'help and take care of things Lord' prayer in response to his vague response, God stopped me. Working in this area and at the time praying for 8 hours a day for strangers can tempt you to get robotic. But God wasn’t having anything less than His best for this guy. I felt the stirring of the Holy Spirit, like He becomes more alert on the inside of me. God said - 'Concentrate!' So I physically and mentally sat up and started thinking/listening. I started speaking as the mouthpiece of God listening to the words coming out of my mouth as if they were not my own, for they weren’t, they were Gods.

ME: Robert I am going to ask you something and I don't want you to answer straight away. Do you understand? I want you to think very carefully about the answer to this question before responding. DO NOT just give me a response. I am asking this - not because it matters to me one way or another. I am asking this because I need to know how best to pray for you and how you answer this question will determine how I decide to pray to help you. Do you understand?


ME: O.k. remember - do not just answer this without thinking. Are you guilty of what they are charging you with?

long silent pause.....

Robert then begins to tell me that he is guilty that they have clear evidence against him for the charges he is facing. He has no chance of getting off. He will be found guilty. He is not a bad person but he has done something bad and there is no way out and he is scared and he doesn’t know what to do. He’s not even sure why he is calling for prayer.

He needs mercy. As I figure out and scramble around in my brain for how to pray in this impossible situation, imagining him in jail and trying to think of how best to prepare his heart and perhaps help him make the best of a very bad situation, God speaks to my heart and I say what I hear him say.

ME (as instructed by God): Robert. Jesus paid for your sin. When He hung on that cross He died for what you did. Do you believe that? He took the punishment for what you did. He paid the price for this. You can walk away innocent because of what He did. God wants to show you how much He loves you. Is there any way at all, is it possible AT ALL that you will be found not guilty tomorrow.


ME: then are you telling me it is impossible for you to be let go tomorrow.


ME: then God wants to show you that He loves you and that He is for you and not against you. He will show you that He is God tomorrow and you will walk free because of what Jesus has done. And I tell you - you better thank him for it when it happens.

Next day we received a giddy call from my new friend Robert.

CASE DISMISSED. He couldn’t even explain what had happened. He said he walked in there and the judge said the case was dismissed. It was over. He was free. Simple as that.

Now this story might provoke you like it did me. We talk about Jesus paying for our sins normally in a very hypothetical way. But God Himself spoke these things to me for Robert. It was His heart. Did it challenge me as I thought about what God was saying/promising? Yes. But I had the benefit of:
(a) Sensing Roberts repentant heart: he was sorry; he was surrendered; he was not proud or wicked; he seemed stuck and broken.
(b) Sensing God’s heart: He wants to love His people and He knows best. We are not to judge we are to love. God above all else wants to shower His love upon us. He is faithful and HE knows the hearts of man.

When I heard the report I wrote 'Robert!!!' on the piece of paper shown here. I still have it. It is still precious to me 3 years on. I kept it in my bible for 2 years. It reminded me of the goodness of God, shown in way that is easy to question. Like Jesus dismissing the judgement on the woman caught in adultery. We have to be careful never to make the mistake of being like the guy who fell on the floor and said, 'I am glad I am not like these other people'. We should identify with the tax collector in that bible story instead. For none of us are worthy of the freedom God has given us. Whatever his crime GODS MERCY RULES OVER JUDGEMENT and no matter how uncomfortable it is for us who are law abiding and have not found ourselves in a mess, Jesus really did pay for it. I choose to believe that Robert will never forget the mercy God showed him and that he is now operating in a love that cannot be taken from him. I  look forward to hearing his full testimony. If not in this life - on the other side.

A False Spirit Masquerading as Jesus was Cast Out - Oak Tree Ministries - Bill Irwin

Bill Irwin sent these testimonies to The Greater News. Oak Tree link is on our connections page.

Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries -

... a HeartSync early in the month brought us a young woman from a Christian home and a great current ministry.  But she was filled with fear.  As we brought her heart to Jesus, the fear increased, and it seemed He was demanding things from her ... more service, no mistakes ... and she grew more afraid.  The more we pressed in the more fear.  Bottom line, it wasn't Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords at all ... it was another, false Jesus ... a spirit masquerading as Jesus.  When the True Jesus came, it all changed ... He sent the false Jesus out and His peace and joy flooded in.  She left with no fear and no need to "do" to earn God's love.

Iranian Muslim Died and Meets Jesus - The Last Reformation

Published on Jul 9, 2014 (TGN shared from youtube)

Watch this amazing testimony of how Jesus calls people from all over the world;)
People being saved, baptized and following Jesus as true disciples.
(It is filmed in Turkey where those from Iran is visiting)
More on TheLastReformation.com


Couple Cleared Their House of All Occult Items and Sciatica Was Healed - John Mellor

John Mellor (TGN shared from facebook)

A powerful testimony was sent in this morning from the UK: Dear Julie,
I have received and read the books you sent me. "Searching for Healing" in particular has woken me up completely. The search for a "cure" within the New Age field sounds very similar to ours. In the end it has cost us bags of money with no solution; a huge disappointment. "Miracles from the Dust", is very inspirational. Both books have given us lots of hope and strength to carry on.

Last Saturday, after talking to our pastor, Rodney, during our Saturday meeting, it became clear that parting with all items in our house that had a connection with the occult was necessary. The sooner the better. We had a prayer together and asked God to fill our house with his loving, healing energy.
After that there was no stopping me: Small Bhuddas and other occult ornaments went in the outside bin, big Bhudda in the skip (didn't have and axe to decapitate it , all dodgy and New Age books (and there were many!) torn up and to recycling bins far away from our house etc. I have put lovely bouquets of flowers throughout the house. Sunday morning during the church service we were moved by the power of God and both cried during the songs of praise. By then Andy was still in excruciating pain with sciatica. Last night after saying the Our Father,
we went to bed thinking it would probably be another sleepless night for Andy...but miraculously, for the first time since a very long time, he slept the entire night without having to go to the bathroom several times and this morning there was no pain! Sciatica gone. We were over the moon, let me tell you.
Julie, I am so grateful for having found John and you. Last Saturday we have finally chosen for God to be our one and only ruler, Father, saviour... We will do everything to let nothing else stand in the way.
We can't wait to see you in September. We have decided to come straight away on the first night, 3rd September. In the meantime we keep preparing with Rodney, who by the way, has asked to come with us in September. He is crystal clear about the power of God and the ongoing fight between Good and evil. We are so, so grateful to have been made aware of that once again.
With all our love and blessings,
Andy and Regina

We receive many testimonies such as this from people who've read Julie's book, received revelation and been delivered as they repent of things they weren't aware are part of the occult.