King Echu Raised Back to Life - Saint Patrick

In the country of Neyll, a King Echu allowed St. Patrick to receive his beloved daughter Cynnia as a nun, though he bewailed the fact that his royal line would thereby end without issue.  The king exacted a promise from Patrick not to insist that he be baptized, yet to promise him the heavenly kingdom.  Patrick agreed, and left the matter in the hands of God.

Sometime later King Echu lay dying.  He sent a messenger to St. Patrick to tell him he desired Baptism and the heavenly kingdom.  To those around him the King gave an order that he not be buried until Patrick came.  Patrick, then in the monastery of Saballum, two days' journey away, knew of the situation through the Holy Spirit before the messenger even arrived.  He left to go to the King, but arrived to find Echu dead.

St. Patrick revived the King, instructed him, and baptized him.  He asked Echu to relate what he had seen of the joys of the just and the pains of the wicked, so that his account could be used for the proving of Patrick's preaching.  Echu told of many other-world wonders and of how, in the heavenly country, he had seen the place that Patrick promised him.  But the King could not enter in because he was unbaptized.

Then St. Patrick asked Echu if he would rather live longer in this world, or go to the place prepared for him in the heavenly kingdom.  The King answered that all the world had was emptiest smoke compared to the celestial joys.  Then having received the Eucharist, he fell asleep in the Lord.

Saint Patrick Raises Two Children From the Dead

Testimony of St. Patrick raising children from the dead

When Patrick came to Dublina he prophesied how great that small village would someday become.  He also caused a fountain to spring up there.  It happened that in the region nearby, the young son of the king lay dead in his chamber.  The sorrow over his death was compounded when it was learned that his sister, who had gone to bathe in the neighboring river, had drowned in midstream.  Her body was finally found resting on the riverbed, and was laid out beside that of her brother.  Tombs were prepared for both according to pagan custom.

At this sorrowful time the rumor spread that Patrick of Ardmachia (Armagh), who in the Name of the Unknown God had raised many that were dead, had arrived in the village.  The king, Alphimus, promised that he, his nobles, and the whole "city" would be baptized into the new faith if his two children were restored.  Patrick, seeing the opportunity for a great gain of souls, raised them both to life.

By the physical resurrection of the prince and princess, the spiritual resurrection of the whole area from the darkness of paganism and idolatry was accomplished.  And the temporary resurrection of bodies (that is, until they died again) gave a promise of eternal life in Heaven and of the resurrection of the body on Judgment Day.

After the raising of this royal brother and sister, churches were built and tributes appointed to Patrick as their patron, that is, as the first Archbishop (or Bishop) of Ardmachia.  It is reputedly from the revived Princess Dublina that the present great city of Dublin got its name.

Iranian Muslim Died and Meets Jesus - The Last Reformation

Published on Jul 9, 2014 (TGN shared from youtube)

Watch this amazing testimony of how Jesus calls people from all over the world;)
People being saved, baptized and following Jesus as true disciples.
(It is filmed in Turkey where those from Iran is visiting)
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Man Raised Back to Life After Being Dead for 15 Minutes - Randy Clark

Randy Clark (TGN shared from facebook)

June 3, 2014

I have to share this testimony with you. It was sent to me by the pastor of Liberty Christian Church in Auckland and it is amazing. God is so good!

"Just have to tell you of a stunning testimony of God’s goodness from Friday.

Patolo, who you met at the school, almost didn’t go to work on Friday because he was so tired after the school, but he had a lot of work to do so made the effort. At the end of the day one of his work mates collapsed with a heart attack. He wasn’t breathing and had no heartbeat so another of his workmates (who was trained in first aid) performed CPR on this guy for about 10-15 minutes before Patolo came onto the scene.

The guy wasn’t responding to the CPR at all and was starting to change colour and was going purple despite the mouth to mouth and the chest compressions. Patolo laid hands on the guy who had collapsed and commanded life back into his body. Immediately the guy took a huge breath and began to breathe again. A short time after that the ambulance arrived and the guy is now in hospital recovering.

We have never had anything like this happen before but as you can imagine we are in awe and excited for more."

Heart Malfunction and Coma Healed After Being Anointed by His Pastor - CBN

Published on Jun 2, 2014 (TGN shared from youtube)

A heart malfunction caused Steve to go into a coma from which he miraculously awakened after being anointed by his pastor.