Witch Doctor Encounters Jesus- Find Out What Happened Next- Chuck Parry

I met a woman today who was a witch doctor in a township in South Africa. Her people had been coming to the Healing Rooms and receiving miracles so she came to check it out. When she walked in she had an overwhelming encounter with God and said: "This Spirit is greater than all the spirits I have known." She surrendered to Jesus and her life is completely transformed! He is the Greater One!

Miracles in Galilee Continue to This Day- Sid Roth

God Did It Again!

It seems that every event I have to reach unsaved Jewish people is getting larger and larger. Our most recent outreach in Galilee, Israel was the biggest yet! We had 1,045 unsaved Jewish people who had never heard the Gospel in attendance They were coming to hear a "Lecture on the Supernatural" and I shared the most supernatural experience I know—my testimony.

Over 200 Instantly Healed

Early in the meeting, God began to give me words of knowledge for healing. Almost 200 were healed in their seats! Now I had their full attention to present the Good News of their Messiah Jesus.

Almost All Made Professions of Faith

When I invited them to pray a prayer of salvation, almost all of the 1,045 Jewish people stood to publicly proclaim Jesus as Lord!

On the first Pentecost, 3,000 Jewish people were gloriously saved when Peter shared the Good News (Acts 2:41). With this latest meeting, well over 3,000 Jewish people in Israel have now been saved from our recent outreaches! I am filled with awe knowing that you and I are ushering in a "new Pentecost" of Jewish believers!

I can't do this alone. The harvest is plentiful and I need laborers alongside me! Consider a gift for Jewish evangelism to help us bring in the harvest.

—Sid Israel Roth

TGN shared from Sid Roth's It's Supernatural website: Here is the link


Satanic Priest Visits Hell and Turns to Jesus When He Gets Back- 700 Club

PLEASE WATCH. It maybe the most important 20 minutes of your life. Jesus saves. God bless.

(700 Club - Life Beyond The Grave Part 2)

This Satan worshiper told Jesus to prove he was more powerful or he would worship the devil all the days of his life. That’s when he saw the unthinkable…

Bullets Missed Him From Three Feet Away- Atheist Turns to Jesus - Montell Ricks

Check out Montell Ricks incredible testimony filled with drugs, violence, death and how Jesus has turned it all around. It is a wow story told firsthand by Montell. Remember, this young man is now filled with the Holy Spirit as he tells his testimony and you can see the joy of the Lord all over him. Praise God.

Montell gave TGN permission to share his testimony. Montell now shares his story to others leading them to Jesus. He also is a singer.

Stage 4 Cancer Rebuked and Bleeding Esophagus Healed Instantly- Patricia King & Darren Stott

Patricia King

3/4/16- post on her facebook page

WOW - REVIVAL IS IN THE AIR!!! - more revival testimonies! I received an email from Darren Stott from Seattle Revival Center this morning with these highlights. They launched into extended meetings. PTL!!!!

1. Two young people led a man to Jesus and rebuked his 4th stage cancer. The cancer has now been in remission for three days. We are hoping to water baptize him on Saturday night.

2. A woman was watching the meeting in her hospital room, her esophagus was bleeding into her stomach and the emergency surgery failed. When Charlie and everybody in the room began praying for her over the camera she felt fire rip through her neck, she said it felt like a second surgery. She was immediately healed and released from the hospital the next morning.

3. We are seeing countless healings, salvations, Holy-spirit baptisms, and deliverance.

Whoo hoo!!!!!! Lets continue to rejoice, pray, and birth!