Witch Doctor Encounters Jesus- Find Out What Happened Next- Chuck Parry

I met a woman today who was a witch doctor in a township in South Africa. Her people had been coming to the Healing Rooms and receiving miracles so she came to check it out. When she walked in she had an overwhelming encounter with God and said: "This Spirit is greater than all the spirits I have known." She surrendered to Jesus and her life is completely transformed! He is the Greater One!

Satanic Priest Visits Hell and Turns to Jesus When He Gets Back- 700 Club

PLEASE WATCH. It maybe the most important 20 minutes of your life. Jesus saves. God bless.

(700 Club - Life Beyond The Grave Part 2)

This Satan worshiper told Jesus to prove he was more powerful or he would worship the devil all the days of his life. That’s when he saw the unthinkable…

Patricia King Leads Three Women to Jesus - Fire and Glory Outpouring- Citadel San Diego

3/2/16- As seen personally by the co-founder of TGN- Brae Wyckoff

Patricia King came to speak on night 35 of straight meetings in San Diego for the Fire and Glory Outpouring being hosted at Citadel San Diego church in Vista, CA.

At the end of her powerful message she called for those who did not know Jesus and three young ladies approached. She prayed with them. Tears of joy came upon them as they let the King of kings into their hearts.

It was a powerful moment and the Lord reminded me that this is what its all about. It is never about the signs and wonders...those are tools to bring in the harvest, to bring in those who are lost, those who are looking for a savior.

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