Crippled Lady Suffering Painful Osteoarthritis Healed - John Mellor Healing Evangelist

John Mellor (shared from facebook and youtube March 2014)

This crippled lady walked slowly on a walking stick with the assistance of some friends into the church at Burnie recently and had to use the elevator to get to the second floor. She suffered osteoarthritis pain throughout her body, but it was particularly severe in her hips and she was scheduled for a hip replacement. She said that she felt pain diminish in her hands and body as she sat in the meeting, and when John laid hands on her, her body jerked and she was instantly healed of all pain & weakness and ran along the prayer queue!! She was in total shock and couldn't believe such a miracle had happened to her. She had watched several crippled people hobble to the front earlier in the meeting and be healed and run and she thought to herself that she wouldn't be healed like that, but she was in Jesus' name! She walked completely straight and even and with strength & speed after her miracle - in no need of her walking stick. Jesus still heals cripples today!!