St. Patrick Raised the Dead! - Tyler G. Johnson-

From Tyler G. Johnson

Unbeknownst to most people, St. Patrick was a deadraiser. He was an amazing missionary that walked out the supernatural exploits of God, healing the sick and even raising the dead. In fact, there are few men in all of history as proficient at raising the dead as Patrick. It was written of him that "Patrick raised thirty and three men did he raise from the dead, some dead many years." Be on the lookout for our book "The Dead Are Raised", which is chalk full of historical resurrection stories like the one shared in the video, as well as more on the real St. Patrick, the OG of rez. 

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Patricia King Shares Three Crazy and Wild Testimonies - Fire and Glory Outpouring- Citadel San Diego

Patricia King shared (3) radical and amazing testimonies at the Fire and Glory Outpouring in San Diego at Citadel San Diego church. Recorded March 2nd, 2016

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Lump Dissolves, Metal Disappears, Salvation Occurs at Pub in England

Taunton Vineyard Church in Somerset, England

 February 15 · 2016

So...we get talking to a guy outside the Perkin pub. We get to pray for his back pain and Jesus heals him. We ask him if there is anyone else we can pray for and he tells us his son is upstairs in the Sports Bar. So up we go and there is his son and friends playing pool.

We get talking, and we ask his son what miracle God could do in his life and he shows us a hard lump on his head, from where he had cancer as a child. We begin to pray (without laying on hands) and we ask him if the lump has reduced. To his amazement it has - by about 50% he says. He goes off to play pool but keeps feeling his head in disbelief!

We ask his friend if there's anything God can do for him today. He tells us that he has three pins in his hip where it was broken in an attack. We begin to pray as he lays his own hand on his hip. We ask if anything is happening. 'It's getting warm', he says. And then he freaks out. Are you ok we say - 'yes' he says, 'it's just that the bone in my hip is moving!'

Meanwhile, his friend whose head is being healed is telling his mates who have just arrived what is happening. 'Look at this' he says, showing them his head. Every five minutes he comes back to us and says the lump is getting smaller. By the time we leave, it's just a small, fleshy, bit of loose skin under his hairline (see photo).

Another friend, when we ask him what God can do for him, says he needs £10 - we say, well this isn't a miracle, but we can give you that anyway. When we give him the £10, his demeanour changes and says to us that this is a miracle for him. We say to him - 'do you know what the greatest miracle God could do is?', and we explain the Gospel and the free gift of eternal life. We say 'do you want to receive this free gift?' He starts to cry and we begin to lead him in the prayer of salvation.

As we do, his friend whose head is being healed sits next to us and says 'I want to pray that too', so we lead both of them in prayer as they open their hearts to Jesus. As we do, their friends look on in awe! 
Three healed, two open their hearts to Jesus...amazing Jesus!

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Man 'Praying in Tongues' Finds Missing Florida Girl - Charisma News


Man 'Praying in Tongues' Finds Missing Florida Girl - Charisma News

Man 'Praying in Tongues' Finds Missing Florida Girl

An autistic Florida girl who'd been the focus of a four-day search through alligator-infested woods was found alive Tuesday morning by a member of her Orlando-area church.

Eleven-year- old Nadia Bloom was discovered around 9 a.m. in a swampy area near Lake Jesup in the Orlando suburb of Winter Springs by James King, a member of Metro Church, where Nadia and her family worship. Nadia, who has an autism-related disorder called Asperger's syndrome, is in the hospital being treated for insect bites and dehydration.

"James said he was praying. He said he was praying in tongues, he was praying in [the Spirit], and he went right to her," Sandra Green, wife of Metro Church pastor Randy Green, told the Orlando Sentinel.

Officials said King was being questioned about what led him to Nadia. They said the girl was found in an area search teams had not cleared and that they had to use machetes to reach her in the thick brush.

"He's a hero to me right now," Winter Springs Police Chief Kevin Brunelle said of King. He said investigators had no reason to be suspicious of the rescue.

Nadia had been missing since Friday afternoon, when she parked her bicycle on the sidewalk and walked into a densely wooded swampland near the subdivision where she lives. Authorities believe she got lost while exploring in the woods. Before she disappeared, police said she read a book titled Lanie, about an adventurous girl who camps in her back yard.

Officials think Nadia had been in a large conservation area around Lake Jesup, which is considered one of the most alligator-infested bodies of water in central Florida.

Brunelle said Nadia told rescuers two things: "I'm glad you guys found me" and "I can't believe you guys rescued me."

She said she never saw or talked to anyone after she entered the woods.

Nadia was fast approaching the 96-hour mark, when the odds of survival without food or water decrease. "We were getting close to that bewitching hour when I was going to have to make a decision, and I wasn't looking forward to that decision," Brunelle said.

Church members, friends and neighbors had been holding prayer vigils for the missing girl. After the rescue, a crowd gathered in Metro Church's parking lot began singing "Shout Hallelujah."

"I can't even describe it," Nadia's father, Jeff Bloom, said when asked how he felt about his daughter's rescue. "Let's give the glory to God."

A pediatric care expert at Florida Hospital said the biggest danger to Nadia's health would be the prolonged lack of drinking water.

"The key here really in her situation is dehydration, " said Dr. Aaron Godshall, who is not treating Nadia. "The body can convert muscle protein and fat stores into energy. But fluid is another story. The heart must have a sufficient volume to be able to circulate the blood."

He said a child lost for days in the woods could also suffer from post-traumatic stress. But he said the fact that Nadia has Asperger's syndrome could have minimized that trauma.

"Who's to say? Maybe she's seeing this whole thing as an adventure," he told the Sentinel. "She may see it in a different manner. Kids are extremely resilient. That's not to say we don't need to be vigilant about caring for this child. In so many ways, kids end up doing better than adults in the same kind of [circumstances] ."

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Child Came Up For Prayer- He Could Not Sleep - Find Out What Happened- Fire and Glory- Citadel San Diego

February 21st, 2016- Fire and Glory Outpouring at Citadel San Diego church

Testimony told by Brae Wyckoff who witnessed firsthand the miracle and spoke with the child the following the testimony below.

A young boy came up front and sat at my feet looking up at Joshua Mills who was preaching on the Glory and Healing. He desperately wanted to be prayed for. Just a minute prior, a young woman who attends Citadel San Diego named Bre came forward showing Joshua Mills her hands. They were exuding supernatural oil.

Joshua spotted this young boy who was about 10 years of age. Joshua asked him what he needed and the boy said, "I need prayer. I have been unable to sleep."

Joshua then had Bre lay her oil soaked hands onto the young boy's head and he began to pray.

The boy came the following night to the meeting and I personally asked him if he was able to sleep.

He said with joy on his face, "I slept like a baby. I instantly went to sleep when I got home." He was overjoyed and was coming back for more of God. 

This is happening repeatedly here at the Fire and Glory Outpouring happening in San Diego, CA. Miracles are flowing every night! Citadel San Diego is hosting this revival currently.