Satanic Priest Visits Hell and Turns to Jesus When He Gets Back- 700 Club

PLEASE WATCH. It maybe the most important 20 minutes of your life. Jesus saves. God bless.

(700 Club - Life Beyond The Grave Part 2)

This Satan worshiper told Jesus to prove he was more powerful or he would worship the devil all the days of his life. That’s when he saw the unthinkable…

Angels Ministered to Man and Gave Him a Bath - Freshwind Ministries

Supernatural Showers

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May 03, 2014

A young man was seated in soaking prayer before the Lord. He planned to take a bath right after his prayer. However during his prayer he fell into a trance and had a quick vision of angels giving him a bath. When he came to himself he was shocked to find himself standing outside his bath room naked, towel wrapped his body, hair wet and feeling refreshed, the way he would feel if he had actually taken a shower!

About a week later, a young lady was in a bath room getting ready to take a shower, when she remembered this shower miracle. It crossed her mind what if the same thing happened to her? She closed her eyes to pray about something and when she opened it, she was startled to find her outfit had changed. A towel rolled around her wet hair. And the floor was wet. Looks like she too had a supernatural shower.

Heart Malfunction and Coma Healed After Being Anointed by His Pastor - CBN

Published on Jun 2, 2014 (TGN shared from youtube)

A heart malfunction caused Steve to go into a coma from which he miraculously awakened after being anointed by his pastor.


A Supernatural Deathbed Visitor -

Little Brittany Backenhaster had been sent home to die peacefully in her own bed. As she lay unconscious, the King of Peace paid her a visit. See how Jesus Christ changed her life. To see more testimonies from The 700 Club and CBN , go to


Little Girl Named Akiane Kramarik Paints Jesus and Heaven

This video was featured on CNN of a young girl with incredible drawing talent.

Akiane Kramarik - God works in mysterious ways. This young prodigy is a self taught painter, and pianist channeling her faith in God through art and music. It’s hard not to believe in divine intervention when you see this incredible story of a girl born to an atheist family, yet doing the work of God.