Miracles in Galilee Continue to This Day- Sid Roth

God Did It Again!

It seems that every event I have to reach unsaved Jewish people is getting larger and larger. Our most recent outreach in Galilee, Israel was the biggest yet! We had 1,045 unsaved Jewish people who had never heard the Gospel in attendance They were coming to hear a "Lecture on the Supernatural" and I shared the most supernatural experience I know—my testimony.

Over 200 Instantly Healed

Early in the meeting, God began to give me words of knowledge for healing. Almost 200 were healed in their seats! Now I had their full attention to present the Good News of their Messiah Jesus.

Almost All Made Professions of Faith

When I invited them to pray a prayer of salvation, almost all of the 1,045 Jewish people stood to publicly proclaim Jesus as Lord!

On the first Pentecost, 3,000 Jewish people were gloriously saved when Peter shared the Good News (Acts 2:41). With this latest meeting, well over 3,000 Jewish people in Israel have now been saved from our recent outreaches! I am filled with awe knowing that you and I are ushering in a "new Pentecost" of Jewish believers!

I can't do this alone. The harvest is plentiful and I need laborers alongside me! Consider a gift for Jewish evangelism to help us bring in the harvest.

—Sid Israel Roth

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Satanic Priest Visits Hell and Turns to Jesus When He Gets Back- 700 Club

PLEASE WATCH. It maybe the most important 20 minutes of your life. Jesus saves. God bless.

(700 Club - Life Beyond The Grave Part 2)

This Satan worshiper told Jesus to prove he was more powerful or he would worship the devil all the days of his life. That’s when he saw the unthinkable…

Bullets Missed Him From Three Feet Away- Atheist Turns to Jesus - Montell Ricks

Check out Montell Ricks incredible testimony filled with drugs, violence, death and how Jesus has turned it all around. It is a wow story told firsthand by Montell. Remember, this young man is now filled with the Holy Spirit as he tells his testimony and you can see the joy of the Lord all over him. Praise God.

Montell gave TGN permission to share his testimony. Montell now shares his story to others leading them to Jesus. He also is a singer.

Transgender Repents and is Transformed by God

Jeffrey Abastillas Narvasa

I was Soaking last night when I saw the LIGHT in my Vision, And God told me "Be the light of the World." So, I asked How? and He showed me images. So, I got His point, He wants me to share my Life Testimony then so it is hehehehehe

Three (3) years ago, I was an orphan and Non-believers. Molested young-boy, Transgender without direction, enjoying my life into the neon-lights, exploring my life into prostitution, having sexual intercourse with same sex both local and foreigner, Longing for Spiritual family who will accept for what and who i am, and Addicted to drugs. Holding a bottle of Beer and Smoking Cigar, Marijuana and Cocaine (shabu).
These are the results of Mistaken identity caused by the enemy.
Full of Anger, Rage and Hatred.

But when I encountered GOD 3 years ago, He brought back my real identity, He turned those anger and hatred into pure Love and Joy that comes from the father in heaven. And most specially He gave me a Kingdom Family and that is DMI Makati. I am so blessed and honored because I know now my Purpose.
I am so thankful because I can stand with pride because it is clear to me that I am orphan no longer and I am His Son. And I am belong in His Kingdom.

Now, I am so happy because I am walking in one Journey with my Biological family holding the BIBLE. And GOD marked me as "Transgender to World Changer" which was shown on National Television at The 700 Club Asia. And God gave me this Wisdom "2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!". And whatsoever happen in this world, I know that I am belong to heaven and I have my eternal life. And one thing is for sure...

Demonic Spirit Cast Out and Reconciliation of Family Through Forgiveness Happened Days Later - Jesus Power Today

TGN shared from this website: http://jesuspowertoday.com/Testimonials.html

* One of the first times we encountered a demon we thought it was just a human stronghold of a Christian woman who did not want to forgive her brother and sister in law, and they had not spoken in a few years. However, Dawnette was so overcome with the feeling of nausea, as if watching someone torture a child, that we later felt it was a demonic influence. The other intercessor also felt a darkness as we prayed. 

Although we did not see any instant result after we prayed, the next day the woman felt freed. She wrote a letter to her brother asking for reconciliation and forgiveness, prayed to God for forgiveness, and had the relatives in for a week's vacation before the month was over. It was an amazing turn around for them.