A False Spirit Masquerading as Jesus was Cast Out - Oak Tree Ministries - Bill Irwin

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Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries -

... a HeartSync early in the month brought us a young woman from a Christian home and a great current ministry.  But she was filled with fear.  As we brought her heart to Jesus, the fear increased, and it seemed He was demanding things from her ... more service, no mistakes ... and she grew more afraid.  The more we pressed in the more fear.  Bottom line, it wasn't Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords at all ... it was another, false Jesus ... a spirit masquerading as Jesus.  When the True Jesus came, it all changed ... He sent the false Jesus out and His peace and joy flooded in.  She left with no fear and no need to "do" to earn God's love.

God Provides a Hundred-Fold Return Supernaturally - Bethel

June.11.2014 (shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

A second-year graduate, Josh Siviglia, went to Kentucky on a ministry trip with Kris Vallotton and a small team. Josh had only $15 in his pocket. The first night, believing for a 100-fold return, he gave $12 in the offering. The next morning, the team went to a coffee shop. A lady said, "Excuse me. Are you guys the Bethel team? I was spending time with God this morning, and he told me to go to the coffee shop and buy coffee for the Bethel team." She bought them all coffee that morning. Then they ministered. Later that evening, while they were getting ready to leave after ministry time, Josh discovered $40 in his backpack that wasn't there before. With some of that money, he bought a medium pizza that fed about six people several pieces each. And there was one piece left over.

The last evening, he gave his last ten dollars in the offering. As he was getting ready to leave, he discovered $100 in his backpack. That night his third-year tuition was due ($100), and he had enough to pay it.

God Provides in All Ways, Even A Rental Car on a Missions Trip - Erik Frederickson

Erik Frederickson (TGN shared from facebook- June 2014)

Yesterday we were talking to the check out lady as Desi and I were getting our rental car for our last 4 days here on Maui. We were discussing the cheapest car available as we were telling her why we were here on the island.

The man behind us and his wife overhead us and says, "you guys are Christians here on a missions trip? I love what your doing let me pay for your car." Then one of our team members prophesied over him as we all told him everything that God has been doing here.

Wow!! God is unspeakably good!!! Good job Jesus!! — with Desirée Nichole Pardo.


God Provides the Money and More for BSSM Student - Bethel

April.24.14 (shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

I wanted to share how God provided for me in a miraculous way. I wanted to go to Bethel for two years but didn't get accepted because I didn't have the money.

People came from Germany to Bethel for two years and imparted a lot to me, so I thought it was God's way of blessing me through them. But a week after Easter 2013, a friend of mine said, "Come over. We have something to share with you. We have a deep impression that we have to give you all the money you need to go to Bethel for a year."

I laughed and cried. I wasn't sure if it was the right time to go. Five years ago, I gave up everything to go to DTS, and it was hard when I went back home and had to start over. I said, "God, I can't do it this way again. I have three conditions. I don't want to quit my job, give up my flat or go alone."

Someone came up to me to rent my flat the next day. My boss offered to keep my job for me. And I am here with six friends from my church.

I did not know what the budget would be. My friends are not rich but had received an inheritance. I prayed about it, and God asked me, "How much do you want?" I said an amount that is really high: 20,000 euros. Then my friend came up and told me how much they wanted to give me, and it wasn't that much, but that was OK. A few weeks before I left, my aunt told me, "I want to give you some money" that she had from an insurance settlement.

It turns out that I have exactly the amount of money that I had asked God for! He was so faithful.

The Greater News TGN- Money Manifesting and Even Delivered by a Cat - Philippines

Published on Apr 2, 2014 TGN Exclusive

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Philippines testimonies share of money manifesting and even a cat bringing money to family.