Man Discovers His Purpose for Life When He Speaks In Tongues for the First Time - Citadel Seattle

*Here is a great testimony of the power of God...

Troy P. (Citadel Seattle Church) 3/16/16

Coworker- "I don't know what I think about speaking in tongues, I have never done it"

1 hour later...

Coworker comes up to me wide-eyed and excited and says, "I don't know what happened I just started praying in tongues and it is flowing out of my mouth and I feel that I just received the understanding of why God made me and His purposes for my life since I was a little child."

Lastly he says, "I'm going to pray in tongues all day, this day is amazing!"

Note: he is a 35 year old, highly intelligent electrician

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Norwegian Woman's Question Answered in the Strangest Way - Bethel


Doug from Arkansas came to Bethel with his wife last September while on their honeymoon. He had been yelling out at random moments, “shee da bee,” when an inescapable feeling came over him. Every time he heard anyone speaking another language, he would come up to him or her and ask, “What does 'shee da bee' mean?” No one knew. He has continued to say the phrase all throughout the year.

At Bethel last week for the Open Heavens Conference, while in the prayer house, he heard some people speaking another language, so he approached them and asked if they knew what the phrase meant. A Norwegian woman reacted. She told him that she had just finished telling God that she needed an answer to a specific question when Doug walked up. She told Doug that he had brought the answer to her question. "Shee da bee" (not the correct spelling) means "let it go" in Norwegian. It turns out that Doug has been walking around shouting, “Let it go!” in Norwegian. The woman who received the answer was the woman whom James Maloney prayed for in the afternoon session just a few hours after Doug had brought her this answer from God.

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Brae Wyckoff's Open Vision - Beach Chapel Church - Encinitas, CA

Brae’s Vision 7-2-14 at Beach Chapel Church in Encinitas during Worship

I am running in a race and along the way I see other runners. It is not a competitive race, but instead a race of endurance, a race toward a common goal, and runners are encouraging each other to press on.

I suddenly saw what looked to be dead people on the side and as I went further I realized they were once runners. They were each marked with words such as


I noticed angels by each body, kneeling and pleading for their soul, calling out to what appeared to be a lifeless person, but there was hope in their voices.

I continued to run and even among the tragedy I felt encouraged and soon realized an angel was running behind me with his hand on my back.

“What about the others,” I called back.

There was no response. My inner being wanted to stop and help. Maybe they weren’t dead.

Suddenly, a runner in front of me began to slow down.

“What’s wrong? Keep going,” I said.

“I’m tired, so tired,” he said weakly.

I locked into his arm with mine and said, “Let’s do this together.”

There was a surge of energy that propelled the runner. I was filled with encouragement and I took a chance and stopped by a fallen man with FEAR on top of him.

“Do not fear,” I whispered, but there was no movement. I knelt down and laid my hands upon his chest and said with more conviction, “Do not fear.”

There was sudden movement and I repeated the phrase. The man’s eyes opened and he sat upright and looked around. He gazed at his surroundings to get his bearings and FEAR began to creep back in.

I helped him up, but he was visibly shaken and uncertain.

“Come on. Let’s go,” I said.

“I can’t. I can’t. You don’t understand.”

“Why can’t you?”

“I just can’t. I’m afraid of failing.”

“Me too, but moving forward in our fear will turn to courage but we must move forward.”

“But how?”

“I will show you. You can do it.”

We both walked together and then our pace quickened and soon we were jogging and then running. A smile was on his face as we went further and further. FEAR lifted away altogether.

“Keep going,” I said as I slowed.

“What are you doing?” he asked while running forward.

“I helped you and want to help others.”

I stopped and watched him press further on. I looked down at someone incapacitated by DEPRESSION. I knelt down and said while looking at the praying angel, “It is time. Don’t lose faith.”

There was no movement, but my confidence did not waiver as I had seen this before.

I said with authority, “I believe in you.”

The man’s eyes opened and he looked at me. I smiled, but he instantly looked away. I turned his face back toward me with love in my eyes and said, “I believe in you. You matter. You have a purpose in life.”

“Who are you?” he responded.

“I’m someone that is on a journey just like you, but if I travel alone on this path then I should just lie down and give up to. I can’t do this without you.”

“Why me?”

“Why not you? Now get up and dust yourself off. I can show you the way.”

A new voice said behind them, “And so can I.”

I turned and there was the runner I had helped before. He was healthy and whole. He came back to help. We surrounded the fallen man, lifted him up, and locked arms with him together.

Our walk soon turned to a jog and then we were running. The three of us banded together and stopped to help others and soon we had a union of people beyond measure. We could not count the massive amount of runners. It was a sea of people and these waters, to continue the analogy, could not be stopped. These waters seeped into the darkest of areas, bringing life, bringing love, and raising those fallen back to life, back to their destiny.

Encounter With A Demon at Street Fair - Brae Wyckoff - TGN Exclusive

Brae Wyckoff, co-founder of The Greater News (4/26/14)

My wife and I were ministering in a booth at the Encinitas Street Fair, San Diego. We get a lot of new-agers, spiritualists, and curious people coming into our booths where we sit down and speak life and love into their lives. Strong prophetic words are given and you can see the people's faces light up with the revelation that God loves them so much.

Well, my wife and I just finished with one person and a lady immediately sat down at our table and started telling us about her "situation". As she went on to tell us some crazy things, I started to think that someone was pulling a practical joke on my wife and I.

Here are some of the highlights of what she said..."They are watching me." "They do tests on me when I go unconscious." "I wake up with markings on my body." "There are cameras everywhere at my apartment building." "The gardners are watching me." "There are bugs in my house, all over." "Nobody listens to me." "I need help."

Wow! I started asking the Lord what is going on and He said to me as clear as day, "Ask her to tell you about the dream I gave her."

"God gave you a dream recently. Tell me about it."

She was shocked that I knew this. She said she had not dreamed for over 10 years but she had this dream a few days ago.

Dream: "I was being crucified on a wooden cross and nails were in my forearms."

I spoke to her about Jesus dying on the cross for her and that she can be free. "Do you want to be free? Can my wife and I pray over you and break off all of this junk you are carrying?"

"Yes, please. I need it."

This woman has been tormented by demons and I actually named the demon inside of her "Torment" and commanded it to leave in Jesus' name. She did not manifest, but after a minute or two I asked how she was feeling.

"I feel peace. I feel calm." She left our booth happy and so thankful.

I will say that if and when you encounter a "critter" like this that is attached to someone then be firm and confident when dealing with the situation. Do not move in fear or tread lightly on the situation.

Here is a picture of our booth. I did not get a picture of the woman for confidentiality. All the people in this picture are part of the ministering team.


Every Night God Told Her to "Open Your Own Practice" - God at Work - Bethel

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Bethel testimony, Redding CA.

God provides! It is time to open that business...