Thyroid Surgery Caused Woman to Not Be Able to Talk - Spoke Freely After Prayer - Jesus Power Today

TGN shared from this website:

* Woman could not talk after thyroid surgery came to Food and Prayer outreach with friends. I prayed for her and felt confident God would heal her. I told her the story of the Spasmodic Dysphonia healing to help lift her faith.

***Here is the link to that testimony on TGN: SPASMODIC DYSPHONIA Testimony

She said she felt a slight pain or lump in her throat as I was praying, so I prayed again to remove any pain. I asked her to praise God and thank Jesus as she left, but she could barely give a rough whisper heard only if you got close to her mouth to listen.

She came back to the prayer room about 20 minutes later, talking and laughing normally. Her friends stared at her like she was a space alien, because sound was coming out of her as if nothing had ever happened! Her testimony encouraged the faith of the next two people who were waiting for prayer.