Man's Wrist is Healed - Said It Was Suppose to Take Weeks to Heal - Desiree Nichole Pardo

Desirée Nichole Pardo (TGN Exclusive September 2014)

Out to lunch with a friend, some guy walked in that she knew. He had a wrist brace on. I asked him if I could pray for his wrist. He said yes. I prayed and nothing happen. 2 days later I was hanging out with the same friend and she pulls out her phone and said "listen to this."

The guy I had prayed for left her a voice mail and said "Hey, I wanted to call and tell you when your friend prayed for me I didn't feel anything. I wasn't surprised because dozens of Christians have prayed for healing for me and nothing has ever happen. BUT when I got home, my wrist was healed! I could hardly believe it. It was suppose to take weeks to heal!"