Doctor Compared Scans Showing Problem - Could Not Find Any Cancer - Jesus Power Today

TGN shared from this website:

We had a woman who came for prayer due to large lymph node swelling and her doctors thought she had cancer after multiple scans. She was very worried she would die leaving two young children.

We prayed with her multiple times, and the second or third time I felt God say she was not going to have cancer but that she was worrying herself into sickness. I chuckled with her and told her that she had to give as much "imagination time" to God healing her or doing a miraculous work as she did worrying about death.

I then went home and prayed that I had received a good word from the Lord because I just laughed at a woman who may have cancer (I would need to find another church if she really had cancer). We prayed for her about five times total, and twice I told her that she did not have cancer.

When the doctors took out her lymph nodes for a biopsy they had the scans above her head showing problems, but they could find nothing! They said "we don't know how to explain this" and she said I know how to explain this-it was through Prayer and a move of God. The doctor later called her and asked permission to use her case for study and teaching.