Cyst on Baby's Brain in Womb is Healed and Doctors Stunned

Kristy Danley posted this on The Greater News FB page 8/28/13

Thought I would share this maybe it could help someone... I am a mom to a beautiful 9 month old son. When I was pregnant with my son(Malachi) I was in the first trimester when the fetal medicine doctor came in the ultrasound room with the ultrasound tech looking and my son. The fetal medicine doctor didn't normally come into the room... I knew something was wrong. After they were done My husband and I were seated back in the waiting room waiting on usual... While we were waiting I told my Husband something was wrong and He asked me know I told him because you know the.doc doesn't normally come in there.. So we were called back to see the fetal medicine doctor and that was when we got the news my son had a cyst on his brain I immediately started praying as I knew God would heal him... The fetal medicine doctor told us that it is quite normal and probably wouldn't go away that slot of babies are born with it. I kept praying I just knew and was determined that God would heal him... So as my prayers went on over several days until appointment they Began to form like this Lord please not only heal him but please use this for your Glory. Please show this doctor and my family just who you are that you are I AM.  We had many other people praying as well. We went back in for the next appointment and I prayed again before I was seen. They did ultrasounds and  I asked the tech different tech this time if the cyst on his brain was still there and she said no and looked puzzled as if there had never been a cyst. The doc got news and we were called back and he was stunned as well even if he wouldn't say anything I knew he was surprised. God healed our son of a cyst on his brain before he was born. God also told me before I found out the gender that My son was going to be a preacher and when we found out it was a boy I asked God to name him and he lead me to the name Malachi which means my messenger and God said do you remember when I said he was going to be a preacher. glory to God In the Highest Jesus reigns