Healing Through Joy - Bethel



BSSM Pastor Matt Coil wrote:

While leading a Sunday night service in Davao City with about 150 people attending, I felt that God wanted to heal through the act of laughter and expressions of joy. 

I told everyone, "On the count of three, let's laugh for one minute, and God will release healing."

We began to laugh and people began to get free. After everyone quieted down, I asked for people to raise their hands if they were fifty percent, eighty percent, or one hundred percent healed. About fifty to sixty responded to the fifty percent, and about twenty-five responded to the one hundred percent healed category.

I asked those fully healed to come to the front and give testimony.  Some were healed of sickness and neck and back problems and had full mobility restored.

I then instructed those who needed breakthrough in the same areas to come forward for prayer and told the newly healed to release healing over the sick.  Many had never prayed for others before but they did as instructed, and many more received healing and gave testimony.  Joy and amazement filled the entire group.

I'm always looking to take the next faith step.  Watching God heal through corporate laughter strengthened my faith and showed the creativity and goodness of God's love.