A Breast Tumor Disappears - Bethel



Lindsay Coil shared with testimony:

While leading a Sunday evening meeting at a Manilla area church with my team, after the worship, dancing, and prophetic songs, I released the team to give words of knowledge.  One of them gave a word about a tumor. I instantly remembered a miracle that happened in the same church two years earlier when a man testified that a tumor on his leg disappeared during the service. I knew God was doing something amazing. When I asked for testimonies a bit later, a woman in her fifties walked forward with her hand on her breast with a look of shock on her face. While touching her breast, she proclaimed that the tumor she had since she was sixteen had vanished. When she heard the word of knowledge, she said, "This is my day, Lord!" and the tumor disappeared. Through the tears and happiness, we could see God had done a great work. The church exploded in rejoicing and the ministry team stood in awe as waves of emotion washed from the woman and over us.  I realized, again, that God is faithful.