Man With Osteoporosis in Spine and No Cartilage in Knee is Healed - Gets Out of Wheelchair and Walks Pain Free

TGN shared from this website:

* 2013  Dawnette and I went to Community food and prayer at the Connection church.  The first person we prayed for was a man in a wheelchair named Michael. He was in so much pain he was nearly in tears.

He had osteoporosis in his spine and no cartilage in his knee and used a wheel chair to get around for over nine years.  I prayed for him and began to feel the Holy Spirit moving over my arms like a wave. After the second prayer, I asked if he was sensing anything as we prayed, and he said heat had suddenly started from his neck and was moving down his spine after the second prayer. 

We prayed again and he said now his legs were tingling.  The heat and tingling continued throughout his body, and he reported all his pain was gone. He was so overwhelmed.  He said that he can occasionally stand up but it hurts too much to do so. 

So what did I do? I told him to stand up and show the Lord he had faith to walk out this healing.  He stood and raised his hands to thank God-he took several steps and said his pain was gone.