During Operation Surgeon Could Not Find Cancer - Woman Prayed For Night Before -Jesus Power Today

TGN shared from this website: http://jesuspowertoday.com/Testimonials.html

February 2014- I just received testimony from a woman healed of Cancer by prayer the night before surgery (I prayed for her). Every month I pray at a food and prayer outreach for anyone desiring prayer.

Last month, a woman in her 60’s came in to collect food, and she stopped in the prayer room on the way out. She is well known to the volunteers.  She had been diagnosed with cancer on an internal organ, and was having surgery the next morning and wanted prayer. Another man and I prayed for her for about 15-20 minutes, and she said she felt peaceful about it and left.  We prayed for healing, as well as for peace and a good outcome. 

Last night, she came back to the event and said that she was operated on, and the surgeon could not find the cancer. He kept her on the table three hours while they ran scopes and scans and blood tests to find the cancer, but it was no longer there. After the surgery, the surgeon met with her, and she explained she had gone for prayer the night before and she believed that was the reason for the Cancer disappearing. He was also a Christian, and told her she had been part of a miracle, because the multiple tests before the surgery would not all have been wrong.

This is the second time I have witnessed a Cancer patient being found during surgery to be Cancer free, and the surgery was right after we prayed for them.