The Demon of Rejection Cast Out - Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith

A man in his 60s came in for counseling because bad things were always happening to him in spite of praying, reading the Word and serving in church.  He was raised by an alcoholic father who constantly physically and verbally abused him.  His life had numerous failures in it (3 bad marriages, chronic rejection from family and friends, constant betrayals from people he would help, chronic financial woes).  I explained he had been infected with a rejection demon from his father in childhood.  To my surprise he knew when it happened:  He was sitting in the living room playing with his teddy bear at age 2/3.  He was waiting for his parents to return from the hospital and was looking forward to seeing his new born brother.  He was telling the teddy bear about the good news of his brother and his alcoholic grandmother walked over, blew a load of whiskey breath on him, thought he was saying something negative and grabbed the bear and said "you ought to be ashamed to talk about your brother like that" and threw the bear in the trash can.  While he was crying his father came thru the door and looked at him and said "aaawwwaaahh mom" and walked out of the room, ignoring his son.  During the prayer time he and I released and forgave his dad and grandma.  I called on the incredible Holy Spirit to help him.  Suddenly, he felt something leave his chest and he gasp and started weeping.  He then said he felt something move up from his stomach to his chest.  It was the rejection spirit.  We commanded it to go and suddenly he let out 3 of 4 violent coughs and it was gone.  He was weeping and giggling at the same time.  A lifetime of pain left in 10 minutes.  The interview took almost 2 hours.  He was smiling from ear to ear and felt like a new person.  He left laughing and singing in Tongues.