Doctor Confirmed Fetus Pronounced Dead is Raised Back to Life - Patricia Goh

Patricia Goh (TGN shared from facebook)

Finally I met David Hogan in person!

4 years ago upon watching him on video in Mozambique teaching on ' raising the dead', (Randy Clark program), I prayed for a colleague's daughter in law whose fetus had died in her womb. (Her gynecologist had confirmed there was no heartbeat & they have been given trauma counseling).
I prayed that the Holy Spirit will raise the dead baby & it will be born not just alive but healthy.
(I had said ' Holy Spirit, if you can touch baby John ,... the baptist in Elizebeth's womb, you can do the same for this baby') I prayed that when they did the required 2nd scan b4 aborting the dead fetus, the heartbeat of the baby will be heard loud & clear.
That was exactly what happened at St John of God hospital! PRAISE JESUS!
(Since then the baby was born healthy).