Swollen Sprained Ankle is Instantly Healed - Brae Wyckoff & Henry Haney -TGN Exclusive

TGN Exclusive- Brae Wyckoff and Henry Haney

Andrea Rivera:  One morning I was running late for work. As I ran around the house trying to get ready and make up the time that I had slept away. I opened the door to the garage and when I stepped down into the garage, I stepped on a big doggie bone and twisted my ankle. I got up quickly and finished getting ready. I headed out of the house to begin my 3.6 mile walk to where I had to meet my ride. My ankle felt a little sore but I just kept on going. My adrenaline was definately pumping. So, i met my ride and we headed for work. As I got out of the car my ankle was feelng a little sore. I continued to go about my day. I did the usual. I sat at my desk and printed out my daily reports and got my paperwork completed. As I sat i can feel my shoe getting tighter. I knew it! My foot was getting swollen. Well, when I had to get up out of my chair. I had to limp because my ankle was hurting so bad.Luckily I had a walking cane by my desk, so I utilized that to get me around. Brae, the warehouse manager was doing his rounds and noticed that I was limping around with a cane. I told him what had happened and then he continued to do his rounds. Later on in the day the pain was becoming unbearable. I still continued to work. I just worked more at my desk that day. Then Brae and Henry walked up to me and told me to put the cane away and to give them my foot. They began to pray over it. As they were praying. My foot began to heat up. I mean like someone was holding it over a fire kind of thing but I kept my composure and let them finish. When they were done praying they both looked at me and told me to stand up and walk without the cane. Good Lord!! I freaked my ankle didnt hurt one bit. it was as i never stepped on that bone that morning. i could not believe it. I know that I am just so blessed. I Love our Lord Jesus Christ! He is awesome!! God bless everyone and have a wonderful night!!!