Optemologist and Gyneocologist Give the All Clear After Attending John Mellor Healing Meeting

John Mellor

A wonderful testimony was waiting for us in the mail when we arrived home from Europe: Dear Ps John & Julie, I am from Victory Life in Perth.   At the 10.30am service recently I raised my hand to indicate I was healed.  Your wife called me out.  I answered your question re my healing in only a vague way, 'I was healed in many little ways.'  Hadn't wanted to give any more details as I had not told anyone at all about what doctors thought were my medical problems.

Since then my ophthalmologist has told me no more eye drops & not to see him for a year.  Great news for someone whose mother went blind.
Yesterday, at my second visit to the gynaecologist, I was given the all clear.  Perfect vagina & cervix.  'Probably just two bad pap smears & uncertain first examination.'  Wrong!  Probably, actually certainly, a loving God who heals!!

Thank you for your prayers for everyone during the service.

I bought your 'Prayer for Physical Healing' CD.  Used it for myself,  It covers the entire body so well.  I now use it as an intercession stimulus.  You mention 'ears' and I think of someone to prayer for, etc.   Thank you for that ministry.

Today I'm off to the podiatrist who is going to tell me the toenail fungus on one toe, that I've had for 50 years without successful treatment, including radiation as a teenager, has been completely healed in the past 2 months.  Could be a coincidence?  I think not.  My God and yours is a God who heals.  Moreover He is a God who designed us for perfect health and I'm taking that gift for myself forever.

Ps John, thank you for your prayers and ministry.  May God richly bless you both in every way.  Christian love, prayers, plus thanks, (name withheld)