Stage 3 Cancer Healed - Doctor Verified - Andrew Womack- Ireland

Andrew Womack---Cock Hill, Donegal, Ireland ·

I had such an encouraging phone call from a lady we know in Athlone yesterday. She had been suffering from stage 3 cancer and it is was not looking good for her.

During the summer she got some of the church leaders to call me to pray for her. After about two weeks she was not feeling great so they did some tests BUT when the results came back there was no trace of cancer at all, it was gone!

Over the past nine weeks they ran further tests and still no sign of the cancer so she has been given the official all clear and didn't even have to finish the course of chemotherapy treatment she was on.

She was rejoicing and praising God on the phone and why shouldn't she be. God didn't give her the cancer, He didn't even allow it. He paid for her healing and wanted someone to tell her the good news so she could be delivered, healed and get on with living her life as He intended. God is good!!!