Angel Captured on Stage in Photo - Miles McPherson/ Rock Church in San Diego

Pastor Miles McPherson from The Rock Church in San Diego was at a conference in Cedar Falls, IA. Below is the picture he was shown along with the video where he testifies to what happened. Watch the video from 11:40 to 14:40 (3 minutes) (testimony shared from facebook and youtube)

A digital image captured during a time of praise and worship at this year’s Promise Keepers men’s conference in Cedar Falls, Iowa, shows what looks like an angel:

A radiant, glowing white figure standing on the stage while the worship and praise band, “One Body” leads the men in singing “Jesus, take all of me. I run to you, I run to you. I lay everything at your feet. Let my life be yours.”

On its Facebook page, the men’s group famed for its hundreds of conferences calling on men to return to God and be the faithful husbands, fathers, brothers and sons that the nation needs, described that “something supernatural took place in Cedar Falls.”

A man at the conference, using his iPad, took two pictures of the band, and both had “an angel on them.”

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He said while the image is stunning, the back story makes it even more compelling.

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During the 2013 season, the Saturday morning message at PK conferences was on purity, he said.

“We candidly addressed the issue of pornography and adultery, as we are convinced that this issue has become the enemy’s ‘spiritual weapon of mass destruction,’” he said.

That day in Cedar Falls, there was a powerful message on that issue, and an alter call, where men “stood in front of the stage weeping and asking for forgiveness and healing from God.”

The band was leading with, “Jesus, take all of me. I run to you, I run to you. I lay everything at your feet. Let my life be yours.”

Up in the seats was “a Southern Baptist, self-described ‘conservative, non-prophetic’ pastor” who lifted his iPad over his head to take a photo.

“He looked down at the screen to see a strange glow on the stage that sent chills down his spine. He then showed the picture to the man standing next to him, and proceeded to take another picture of the stage. When he looked at the second picture and saw the same image, he was overwhelmed with emotion, as he was convinced that what he saw in these photos was an angel. He immediately came to stage right and showed the pictures to our program director,” he said.

And no, it’s not photoshopped.


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