Tow Truck Guy is Healed - Jenn Lazenby Quan

Jenn Lazenby Quan

Tow truck guy got more than he bargained for when he stopped to help Newton and I jump Newton's motorcycle tonight. I noticed that he began really noticeably limping as we got the bike taken apart and put back together. So I asked him about it and he mentioned several pains and injuries. Payed him and Newton prayed for him physically and blessing on his business. His knee pain went from "really pretty painful" down to a "3 or 4". So I told him we could just get rid of that completely right now if he wanted and he looked at me incredulous. We prayed for him again and imagine his surprise when the pain went away and I asked him to do something he couldn't do previously and he could bend his knee all the way.  Which he said he could not do before. Haha!! Go Jesus!