Pain Free Equals No Cane - Diana Jamerson

Diana Jamerson Sept 17, 2013

Praise report. Last week at my School of Ministry meeting I ran into a friend that was walking very slowly and uses a cane so just as we were dismissed to go to our classes I quickly said a prayer casting out infirmity and then praying for the healing. We had to walk as we prayed, and as we walked she all of a sudden said "oh, my hip pain is gone", but her knee still hurt and so I started praying in tongues while we walked and then the time for prayer was over. At break, I saw her walking quicker, but still with the cane. NOW, one week later she gave me the testimony that after class that night she went home and sat down for about an hour and when she rose to move, her knee was healed. NO PAIN at all and has not used her cane since. We were both whopping it up praising Jesus and it was such a blessing to see her pain free.