Friend Getting Advice From Palm Reader is Healed by Jesus and It Changed Their Life - Jesus Power Today

 TGN shared from this website:

* My teenage daughter brought a friend to us who was getting advice from a palm reader or spiritualist in Los Angeles, and he was amazed by some of the things they said about past lives and reincarnation. I told him about the demonic power being real in these spiritualists and we talked for an hour about God and the power of Jesus to heal today. He had a sore back (8 out of 10 on the pain scale), and I told him that Jesus would probably like to minister to him since he  was searching so hard for the right answers.

Dawnette and I (along with Brittney) prayed for his back to heal and the pain to go away, and immediately it did. He stood for five or ten minutes twisting and stretching to see if he could make his back hurt, but he could not.

About three months later he called to say we had totally changed his life around. He stopped messing with the supernatural, came to Christ and was dating a Christian girl.  His back was completely normal after that.