Woman Paralyzed Waist Down is Healed- Reinhard Bonnke

From Christ for all Nations with Reinhard Bonnke in Nairobi, Kenya:
We also heard an amazing testimony from a woman who came to a CfaN crusade in the nearby city of Kibera almost 20 years ago. At that time, she was paralyzed from the waist down and crawled on all fours everywhere she went. She told us how she had crawled for many miles to the crusade field on her hands and knees, through water and mud, believing she would receive her healing. When she came onto the crusade ground, she was covered in mud and filth, but the power of God hit her and all paralysis left her body. She was totally and completely healed and has been walking perfectly ever since. She came all the way from Mombasa tonight (over 300 miles) to give God the glory! She came as a “Walking Testimony” of God’s love and power. Praise the Lord!