She Was Given One Week To Live - Cancer is Now GONE!

Randy Clark---September 6, 2013

Paul Martini, who will be coming aboard as Global's newest Associate Evangelist in 2014, spoke in Ohio in August. He just sent this testimony from the event:

"Hey Paul! this is Mickenzie Tompkins. I just saw you for the second time at Living Word in Ohio! My Mamaw had had breast cancer once and multi myeloma 5 times! When I saw you first you spoke about peace and it was amazing! I came to you at the end of the meeting and told you about her. She could not walk or talk or be alone at all at the time. She was given a week to live. Cancer was everywhere. You called and prayed for her over the phone and cancer is now gone. She walks and talks and is back to being stubborn, impatient and independent - you cannot make her sit down for anything. Thank you so much for everything."