Deaf Girl at Mall Begins to Hear and Another Person Receives Breakthrough From Power of Testimony -Hiram Grospe Pangilinan

Hiram Grospe Pangilinan (TGN shared from facebook)

Quezon City, Philippines ·

I got this wonderful testimony from a lady in California, USA. Her husband was not feeling well after a bladder biopsy. That night, he couldn't breathe properly and was displaying signs of delusion the whole night up to the next day. She was reminded of the video that I posted (about the deaf saleslady who was healed by the Lord in Megamall). She browsed it in Youtube and positioned the phone on her husband's shoulder and prayed that healing flow to her husband. After just a few minutes, her husband was already sleeping. He woke up that morning… with no more signs of delusion, and with his mind all clear! The power of our testimony!

For those who missed it, here is the video that I am talking about. Be blessed!