6 Year Old With Dark Ideas, Hyperactivity, and Impulsive Out of Control Behavior is Healed - Bethel

August.04.14 (TGN shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

In October 2013, a neurologist diagnosed a six-year-old French boy at 8.5 on a scale of 9 for attention problems, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. He would often hit his little sister, sometimes bite himself and have dark ideas. He said to his mother regularly when he was being reprimanded that he wanted to die or throw himself out the window. He had an aide at school helping him with math nine hours per week. In November, he gave his heart to Jesus.

In April 2014, when Pastor Bill spoke at a conference in Arlès, France, his mother felt led to take him on the Saturday. She had him in with the children's group all day and then brought him out for the Fire Tunnel at the end.

The next Thursday he had a meeting with the neurologist to assess his condition. Instead of prescribing medicine as his parents had expected, she told them that he had no neurological deficiency or impairment! She said that this child was completely normal and that she did not need to see him again. The tests were perfect.

As they were leaving the consultation room, his mother said to him, "Did you understand? God has healed your head! Maybe you were healed when someone prayed for you in the Fire Tunnel."

He answered, "I know that I was healed, but it was not when someone prayed for me." Surprised, his mother asked him to explain. He said, "You know when we were in the big church where there were a lot of children, you did not tell the grown ups to pay attention to me because I don't understand well. And when we did the treasure hunt, I didn't understand anything, and I had a headache. That bugged me, so I said to Jesus, "Jesus, heal me in the head!" And then my forehead became hot. I put my hand on it, burning so much. It was hot. After, it became warm, and after, it became cold. And since then, I understand all, and I don't have problems with my head anymore!"

Since that seminar, he has done his math exercises by himself at school, not one blank page, everything just right. The next week, he filled everything in with only one mistake.

His mom wrote, "At home, we are finding a new gentle little boy, considerate to his sister, with no dark ideas—and funny, too. What comfort and what encouragement for all those who have prayed for him!"