Runners Knees are Healed and Runs 12-km Pain Free - Bethel

August.01.14 (TGN shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

I visited the Healing Rooms with a couple of friends who are BSSM students. I had intended on standing in proxy for my Aunt, who is battling cancer. One member of the amazing ministry team who was praying for me called out a word of knowledge about me having pain in my right knee when I'm running. Up until then, I usually experienced pain in both knees (predominantly the right one) every time I went for a run or did any form of high-impact exercise. The team prayed and declared healing over both of my knees. The next day, while exercising, I noticed that I didn't have any pain in my knees doing an exercise that would have normally caused me to be in pain. Today, I went for a 12-km run absolutely pain-free! Praise God!