Word of Knowledge of Old Rugby Injury is Healed - Eloise Briggeman

Eloise Edwin Briggeman  Nov 1, 2012

So Edwin & I had a meeting with rep this morning and God gives me a word of knowledge about an old rugby injury which still bothers him. So after the meeting I ask him if he has an old rugby injury which still bothers him and he says yes his shoulder and knees. So I say Jesus loves you and wants to heal you do you know Jesus - he says yes his father is a pastor so he gets "it" 24/7 so I said do you get miracles signs and wonders (with a smile) So we pray for him - he is instantly healed and almost in a shock. Basically we encouraged him with the Truth of the gospel with the power of God and not just "being" a christian going to church. Encouraging him to pray for people because he is just as equipped as we are :) Jesus loves us all!