Woman's Problem Walking was Healed - Timothy Matula

Timothy Matula  Aug 3, 2013

I noticed a lady on my flight having problems walking, so me being curious inquired. She stated she was having both of her knees replaced soon since they were basically rubbing bone on bone, she was 70 and chalked it up to old age. I gave her the Good News and told her Daddy did not want her in pain even if she was old and she let me pray for her. She said that she felt way better, but I could see she was struggling to get up on her feet. I prayed for her again and she shot out of her seat so quick it amazed me. "Wow" she said, "I didn't have any trouble getting up that time." I told her God loved her and that was one of His ways of showing it. I prayed for complete restoration, a creative miracle, and I believe it occurred. God is so good. Jesus You are awesome!