Severe Cramps Healed - Ruben Lopez Jr

Rubén Lopez Junior  Mar 21, 2012

We saw one healing in process tonight...It was totally worth it. This lady was rocked so good by God. She had severe cramps, bent over by the pain, couldn't sit up right and constantly groaning.

After praying twice for her, all of a sudden she stopped groaning, there was an awkward silence and all of a sudden she sat up straight and said to her boyfriend: "Honey, I actually feel better."

Nick, her boyfriend grabbed her by the shoulders and said: "Are you sure you feel better?" Lakisha: "Yeah, I feel ... peace."

HAHA!! Come on Jesus!

After a while she was sitting up straight and talking with us, feeling a lot better, no pain, only some kind of "pressure" in her stomach. - with Steven Lopez.