She Felt Compelled to Thump or Flick is Headache Away- Check Out What Happened - Bethel

August.01.2014 (TGN shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

My wife and I visited Bethel for the first time as we traveled to Redding from Texas for a wedding. We went on a Friday night when Kevin Dedmon spoke on God's creative ability to heal through others. I was amazed at how many people were healed that night. While driving home on Monday night, I had the worst headache. It was painful and distracting me from driving. My wife felt like she was supposed to thump (or flick) my head hard. I started to laugh and said, "Well it couldn't hurt any worse, so go for it." She hit me in the head, and what do you know? All the pain left my head within 10 seconds. I know it's just a headache, but it was more about the creativity and goodness of God.