Environment of the Healing Rooms Healed Their Backs With No One Praying for Them - Bethel

August.01.2014 - (TGN shared from Bethel website- link is on our connections page)

A couple visited Bethel for the first time one weekend. The four-hour drive took six hours as the husband was in pain in his lower back, and all they could do was stop and let him walk it off. So they went to the Healing Rooms. In the Encounter Room, the first room, the wife's back was healed. She had broken her tailbone three years ago and successive prayer had brought relief little by little. As the gentleman was speaking, letting the people know what was going to happen that morning, the Holy Spirit brought her tailbone to her attention. She wrote that she had not one bit of discomfort. That was before any prayers were spoken.

Much later in the day, she noticed her husband moving around with great ease. She asked him how his back was feeling, and he said, "Great!"

She asked, "When did God heal you?"

He said, "I don't know. I guess in the Healing Rooms (the big room at the end) because I haven't had any pain since then," but no one prayed for him, either. She added, "Not about that. God did it!"