Scoliosis and Flat Feet Healed - Shawn Niles

Shawn Niles

On the last night of the Jesus Culture Conference 2013, we and our students had just been dismissed to go home. Just outside of the amphitheatre we had the opportunity to pray for a young woman who was battling scoliosis with horrible back pain, and flat feet that caused horrible pain as well. Her feet were as flat as pancakes. We prayed for her back, and she was immediately healed. She was able to bend and twist and move in crazy new ways with no pain. Then we prayed for her feet, and right in front of us, she began to grow arches. She went from completely flat feet, to where you could stick your finger all the way under the new arches in her feet. Another guy was standing there watching, immediately removed his shoes and asked us to pray for him. God performed the same miracle for him!