Irritated Eyes and Skin Disease Healed - Bethel


We are missionaries in a remote location in the Peruvian jungle. When we're in the city of Pucallpa, we often connect up with Skype to ask for prayer for different folks who are in our little world down here. In January, we asked for prayer for Alicia, a lady from the village where we work. She had suffered from a skin disease called Pemphigus for 16 years. She also had very irritated eyes and we had recently taken her to an ophthalmologist and bought her some expensive eye drops.

After prayer with someone via Skype, not only were her eyes healed, but her skin disease was, too! But we didn't know it until June when we went out to the village because she had left town in February. In June she told us that she quit taking her medication after the prayer, and her skin has been normal since then. We were in the village for three months, and her skin continued to be healthy the whole time.

We just returned from the village on Friday the 23rd, and we wanted to let you all know this good news.