Fibromyalgia Healed and Woman Danced -Millian Quinteros

Millian Quinteros  Jul 24, 2013

I went to a local church for a seminar on Sunday, and I ended up missing the seminar as a bit of a healing revival broke out. Many legs lengthened, back pain and leg pain gone. One girl was severely oppressed by Fibromyalgia and was in pain, fatigue and just overall blah. So, I asked her the desires of her heart, and she said that she wanted to be able to dance again. We spent some time praying, commanding, a little prophecy for her, and a leg lengthen. For the first time in ages, she didn't feel tired or run down, she was smiling and laughing as the pain melted. She asked me to grab her arm, which proved to her that her skin pain was gone. So, I told her to put action to her faith, and dance around. We took video as she danced and smiled with her little baby. She got a radical healing form Jesus, which is why we always say "Boom Goes Yeshua!"