Hundreds of Miracles in Classrooms - New Zealand - Bethel


August 27, 2013 Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry - Bethel, Redding CA

The host of the BSSM mission trip to New Zealand reported this testimony.  The host was trying to figure out how to get the BSSM team into the biggest Christian school in the nation. Then someone from the school e-mailed him to invite the team to come because she had heard a BSSM team was coming. The team split up into 20 different classrooms to do miracles.  More than one class had 10 kids receive healing. One girl had been stung by a jellyfish, and the swelling went away. One kid had a dart thrown into his eye, which shattered his lens. They prayed for him, and he started to see faces and color for the first time. Hundreds of miracles took place at the school around the country.