St. Patrick Raised Prince Humestia's Grandfather from a Tomb

There was a prince in Humestia who was baptized.  Later he expressed unbelief about the doctrine of the Resurrection.  After St. Patrick quoted various texts from the Scriptures, the prince said that if Patrick would raise his grandfather, by then buried many days, he would believe in that Resurrection which Patrick preached.

Patrick signed the tomb of the grandfather with his staff, had it opened, and prayed.  A man of very great height, but not as big as a "giant" who had recently been raised from a huge tomb by Patrick, came forth from the tomb.  He described the torments that went on in Hell, and was baptized.  He received the Eucharist, and retired again to his former sepulcher and "slept in the Lord."  After witnessing this miracle none doubted the truth of the Resurrection.