Saint Patrick Raises Two Children From the Dead

Testimony of St. Patrick raising children from the dead

When Patrick came to Dublina he prophesied how great that small village would someday become.  He also caused a fountain to spring up there.  It happened that in the region nearby, the young son of the king lay dead in his chamber.  The sorrow over his death was compounded when it was learned that his sister, who had gone to bathe in the neighboring river, had drowned in midstream.  Her body was finally found resting on the riverbed, and was laid out beside that of her brother.  Tombs were prepared for both according to pagan custom.

At this sorrowful time the rumor spread that Patrick of Ardmachia (Armagh), who in the Name of the Unknown God had raised many that were dead, had arrived in the village.  The king, Alphimus, promised that he, his nobles, and the whole "city" would be baptized into the new faith if his two children were restored.  Patrick, seeing the opportunity for a great gain of souls, raised them both to life.

By the physical resurrection of the prince and princess, the spiritual resurrection of the whole area from the darkness of paganism and idolatry was accomplished.  And the temporary resurrection of bodies (that is, until they died again) gave a promise of eternal life in Heaven and of the resurrection of the body on Judgment Day.

After the raising of this royal brother and sister, churches were built and tributes appointed to Patrick as their patron, that is, as the first Archbishop (or Bishop) of Ardmachia.  It is reputedly from the revived Princess Dublina that the present great city of Dublin got its name.