Demons Manifested and Were CAST OUT - Michael Smith

Michael W. Smith  Aug 25, 2013

My wife and I ministered to a small group Saturday on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Tuba City with Aglow International. I taught on the Spirit World and Spiritual Warfare and the people were fascinated with the material. None of them had ever heard anything like it. At the altar call I asked for everyone to come up who needed to be healed from child abuse. 15 people came forward. I was in tears for them. Deeply wounded people with hard, painful lives. I called on the Holy Ghost to lay the Blood of Lord on them. Suddenly He struck. People were manifesting demons, weeping and shaking. Spirits were flying out of several of the women. A married couple were getting delivered from demons at the same time. A huge rejection spirit came out of a man abused in grade school. A man with chronic prostate pain was healed. A woman with a bad left knee was healed. A woman with tennis elbow on the left was healed. A woman with fear demons shook all over and collapsed to the floor. A woman with diabetes got out of her disability chair. A woman with a bad back was healed and was bending up and down. 3 people got their gift of Tongues for the first time. The anointing was so heavy I had everyone come up and sing in Tongues together. There were mostly women and it sounded like angels singing. They were singing, waving their hands and weeping at the same time. It was heart warming. Unfortunately, a boy with CP was not healed. He had been abused by his alcoholic mother and was weeping as he released his hatred of her and of himself. He spoke in Tongues for the first time and was amazed. For some reason I could not get to the bottom of his disability.