Woman's Headache is Healed at Store - Jill Wyckoff - TGN Exclusive

Healing at the Store

Jill Wyckoff tells an early testimony in her walk with the Lord

 I went shopping the other day and when I went to check out the lady behind the counter started complaining about a headache that had started in her head and was now going down her neck and shoulders. I thought it was odd that this stranger was telling me how much pain she was in so I took it as a sign. I asked if I could pray for her and to my surprise, she said yes. There was no one around so she came out from behind the counter and I put my hand on her neck and prayed. At first she felt some relief but not completely, so I prayed again and the pain went completely away. She was super excited and I gave her a hug and went on my way. I realized when I got to my car that this was just what she needed, but just what I needed too. I had been so busy with my day-to-day stuff that I hadn't really had time to pay much attention to the "greater" things. This was a wonderful reminder of the presence of God and a higher reality than what I was previously focused on.  - TGN, Jill