Brae Wyckoff Shares Early Encounters He Experienced with Words of Knowledge - TGN Exclusive

Words of Knowledge along with the Prophetic can blue together at times...

Brae Wyckoff shares a couple encounters he had at his first attempts early on as a Spirit Filled Believer...

Words of knowledge are fun to get...I first encountered this myself at the Encinitas Street Fair where our church would set up tables in a booth and promote "Free Spiritual Readings".

Jill and I have gone the last 2 years and it is quite amazing...the first year we didn't know what we were doing and the 2nd year we still don't know what we are's fun just to show up and see what God does and believe me HE DOES amazing things during these events.

So, my first experience was with a young girl in her 20's that showed up to get a spiritual reading.  I was sitting with 2 other veterans since this was my first time.  They gave her some incredible encouraging words and then looked to me to see if I had anything to add.

Okay God, you have to tell me something...I then quickly got the word "WRITE" was like a flash of the word in my mind that you could have totally disregarded.  I went with it and said, "You are a writer."  The look on her face was priceless as she told me she loves to write.

I was blown away too and then God gave me some encouraging words to give to her...she went away completely blessed by the encounter.

Another time was at a regular church service...our Pastor wanted us to all practice and told us to each find someone we did not know in the church...we were going to give them a word of knowledge...something we couldn't possibly know about the person.

I paired up with an older gentlemen and we both kind of looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders and said well let's give it go.

He went first and he gave me kind words that had a close synopsis of myself...which is good for someone's first time doing this and it made me more nervous since I was new at this myself.

I was next and I had a complete blank stare on my face...I just told him to give me a second as I was listening for something.

I got a flash of a word again and said the one word that I get for you is "HISTORY"...his mouth dropped open and he proceeded to tell me that he is a history teacher and has been studying history his entire life.  He was shocked and I was so happy that God was giving me words.

There have been times that I don't get it completely right and times I don't get anything for someone...that is okay, just be patient and continue to reach out to God for insight...HE WILL deliver!

Love to all,

Brae Wyckoff, co-founder of The Greater News