60 Year Olds Urination Issues are Healed - Timothy Matula

Timothy Matula  Aug 20, 2013

I have been laying hands on my tailor for the last month. The third time was the charm. He had problems controlling his urination since he was a child, he is now in his early 60s. Yesterday, when I stopped by to pick up some clothes he told me that he has not had any problems for the last three days. It is funny how the enemy fights you tooth and nail to keep someone from getting healed quickly and other times it happens right away. The only hindrances to healing are believing there are hindrances to healing. God's will is to always heal for He has shown that through His perfect image, Jesus. He healed them all is what I have read. I never give up because the Word is the Truth and no one can dispute it for it does not come back void. For those starting to lay hands on people, do not give up after the first prayer. Sometimes I have to command it to leave 5 or 6 times in pne setting. I have had to command a leg 20 something times in a row to grow out. I am willing to stand there all day because I know that Jesus said those that believe in me will do the things that I do, and even greater things than these will he do for I am going to the Father. How awesome is that?